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The Danish chiropractic professional congress, Faglig Kongres 2018, sets a new record. 55 % of the chiropractic Professional has enrolled for the congress, which takes place on November 8th – 10th in Odeon in Odense, Denmark. More than 660 people will take part in the congress, including 90 students. Never have so many people attended the congress.


They will be treated to talks by Søren Brostrøm - Director at the Danish Health Authority, Peter Lund Madsen – doctor, researcher and author and Professor Greg Kawchuk among others on “Chiropractic’s standpoints”, the theme for Faglig Kongres 2018.


- We as chiropractors are quite content, really. It’s going well. More and more people come to us for help with their muscle and skeletal problems. But what about the future? How do we best prepare for a new world with increased competition from other practitioners and business formats? Are we prepared to change? Does it need a better outlook? Can we just sit back and be content and focus on the present, expecting that others ensure development and the future for us? We have to ask questions about the future and about how we as chiropractors look at health and relate to a future where continued development and a broader perspective are key words” the congress team consisting of the people responsible for continued professional development at NIKKB among others, writes.   


The many participants will be asked to respond to these questions at a congress, which lasts three days – it used to be two days – and a cornucopia of exciting and inspiring plenary and group talks and activities on the theme in the different conference rooms in Odense’s brand-new conference centre, Odeon. And with so many participants, there is a basis for some exciting exchanges of views during the conference.


You can follow the Danish chiropractic professional congress on NIKKB’s Facebook and Twitter profiles and the Danish Chiropractic Associations and the Professional congress’ Instagram profiles, DKF Kiropraktik and Faglig Kongres as it unfolds.