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Just a quick reminder that you can apply for a research grant from the European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence (ECCRE).


The deadline for applications is January 1st 2019.


You can find the relevant applications forms on the ECCRE website www.eccre.org

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Throughout 2018, chiropractors and physiotherapists have had the opportunity to become certified in the GLA:D® Back treatment method in a number of certification courses at the University of Southern Denmark. Now Professor Per Kjaer and his GLA:D® Back co-researchers have published an article documenting the development, theory and evidence behind the treatment programme. You can read the full article on the BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders website through the link below.


Clinical guidelines recommend patient education, advice about staying active and at work and exercise to help people with persistent or recurrent back pain self-manage their pain.


GLA:D® (Good Life…

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A narrative review published in Chiropractic & Manual Therapies concludes that imaging should be used in compliance with clinical guidelines and sound judgement; it should not be used routinely in chiropractic clinics.


Routine use of imaging in chiropractic clinics has been a contentious issue for a long time. Some chiropractors advocate the use of imaging to improve the treatment of patients while others recommend the use only when it is recommended in current guidelines on imaging. It looks like the considered approach to the use of imaging is winning the debate.


Current evidence recommends that X-ray is used…

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The Danish chiropractic professional congress, Faglig Kongres 2018, sets a new record. 55 % of the chiropractic Professional has enrolled for the congress, which takes place on November 8th – 10th in Odeon in Odense, Denmark. More than 660 people will take part in the congress, including 90 students. Never have so many people attended the congress.


They will be treated to talks by Søren Brostrøm - Director at the Danish Health Authority, Peter Lund Madsen – doctor, researcher and author and Professor Greg Kawchuk among others on “Chiropractic’s standpoints”, the theme for Faglig Kongres 2018.


- We…

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Adjunct Professorships to be used to further co-operation

Jan Hartvigsen, Professor and Head of Research at the Department of Sports Science and Biomechanics and Senior Researcher at NIKKB, has been appointed Adjunct Professor at two Canadian universities, the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto and and the University of Ontario UOIT-CMCC Centre for Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation. Jan Hartvigsen plans to use his Adjunct Professorships to further collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark and NIKKB and the two Canadian educational institutions.


Jan Hartvigsen says about the appointment:


- I am very happy to have received this appointment and recognition. We generally collaborate a lot with…

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